Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Evie and I took a little girls-getaway-trip to Columbia
this weekend to see Dad and Mom.
My parents fell HEAD OVER HEELS FOR HER (again)!!!!!!!!!!
See for yourself...
Dad had her HYENA-SNORT laughing laying on the floor.

She had her 6-mo shots on Friday morning.
Again, notice the size of her hefty-hefty thighs.
I am going to show these fat-baby
pictures at her Rehearsal Dinner when she's 24.
I just know she'll love it.



Chris, Anna & Ava said...
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Chris, Anna & Ava said...

How could you not fall "Head Over Heels" for that chunky love! I absolutely appreciate those chubby thighs! She is ADORABLE!!! Also, Flashback Friday is a hit! It makes me stop and take a moment to remember too...that's good for the soul.

Julie, Robert and Luke said...

Her poor band-aided legs. It makes me want to give her hug.

Abby said...

She is getting so big! I just love reading about you all! Happy Easter:)