Thursday, March 27, 2008

We call it Giggly Girls...they call it FUN!

When you are TWO years old. Everything is fun. Playtime. Pottytime. Today, Lunch. A total blast. Carlisle and her two partners in crime, Abby and Olivia. She loves them. They love her. She loves to feed Olivia. It's been happening since they met one year ago.
Today cantelope. Courtney, does Olivia normally gorge on cantelope? She did today, thanks to a little helper.

Yogurt for desert.


Courtney said...

very fun pics...perfectly capture our desire and the REALITY of Giggly Girls!

The Severances said...

Abby was telling me how yummy her quesadilla and yogurt were as we drove away!

Tallon said...

they are soo cute- soo fun that they get to grow up together!!

Julie, Robert and Luke said...

So adorable! I want to play!!!!!!!