Sunday, June 22, 2008


The TOP TEN (ok was THAT terrific!) REASONS WHY WE LOVED

13. I wore my I LOVE BRIAN tank
with no shame.
12. Dinner under the stars, with waves lapping at our feet.

11. Scuba Diving

10. Even when Brian had Montezuma's Revenge, he was light-hearted and smiling.
So we stayed in and ordered room service and a movie.

9. Brian coddles me and is a part of/is in/helps-with hundreds and hundreds of self-portraits/timed photos...
What he really wants to do is tie a brick to the camera and sink it.

8. The dive master, Evette,
(who spoke 4 or 5 languages),
was so so cute.
Brian didn't even notice.
(Not sure you can tell in this picture just how cute she was?)
7. Brian doing "the sprinkler" on the beach.
6. Deep sea fishing, sitting in the fighting chair and reeling in a big Wahoo!

5. Even when my hair looks like THIS...
Brian tells me I am the most gorgeous girl on the planet.
Cropped in/closer look at that same shot for fuller,
more tangled, cornea-scorching effect.
4. Even though you'd think we'd run out of things to talk about after all these years...we don't.
He has never been soooo fun, handsome and dynamic.

Brian is a little boy at heart.
He threw lunch off his plate to these humungous reptiles.
They could have eaten US for lunch.
2. Belly laughing.
In the cab.
At the restaurant.
On the beach.
The kind where you snort laugh.
But, the NOT-CUTE kind.
Here's a self you the idea.
I think they almost asked us to leave Ruth's Chris.
I was laughing so hard at Brian's impersonation of his experience with Montezuma revenge. Ask him about it.
1. The countless people that asked us if this was our Honeymoon.

We said Yes.


Justin and Marketa said...

Yes, that was the perfect #1 reason!!

Jason, Jessica, and Isabella said...

WOW--great pictures!! I am sure that you had a wonderful time!! It reminds me so much of our Jamaican honeymoon!! I am so jealous of you--in a loving Godly way!!! Hope to see you soon!!

Abby said...

You both look great! It looks like you had a wonderful time! We hope to see you soon! Abby

Stephanie said...

ya'll are so cute! I want to go.

alicia_maphies said...

Yeah! You're so beautiful! And incredible together! Happy anniversary and happy honeymoon! You two are a wonderful inspiration for what marriages should strive to be!

Susan said...

Y'all look like you had so much fun! Great pics! I totally forgot today was aerobics! Next week?

Jord, Ali, Halle and Belle said...

You all are so so adorable!! Happy Anniversary and congrats on having a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Great pics of ARUBA! It looks SO beautiful. I am totally jealous of the dinner on the beach thing. That looked SO beautiful and romantic.

And I love seeing pics of your beautiful family. Those girls are growing so fast!


Belinda M.