Thursday, August 14, 2008

MME or MMF or MMA or MMsomething...

Brian is a Man's Man.

He loves that beat-each-other-up-really-bad type of kickboxing/wrestling/martial arts.

Not in a wierd way.

Just in a guy way.

(you know?)

Ok, so it's really gross and I don't watch it with him.

Too much blood.

Good news! These videos have no blood.

But I still think they will make him really happy...


Fun times with Julie's little one Foster (8 mo) and my little one Evie (11 mo)!



They square off...


The Drama...

A little victory flexing!


Evie ends it, with a kick!

(Mom, I had nothing to do with it... it was Brian's idea)

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amyop said...

I love these videos! Too Cute!