Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sarah and the boys...

My friend Sarah came to Florence this weekend.
She is my loving, amazing, talented, beautiful, fun, hilarious, precious roommate from The College of Charleston and friend for life.
We have so many incredible memories.
Here's one from our week on a friends yacht sailing and scuba diving in the KEYS. Taken in 1997 or was it 1998?College of Charleston Graduation Day

She and her THREE boys (all 4 and under)! came to visit for the weekend. It was indescribably wonderful to have her here. Sarah, I wish you lived here.

The cutie - Davidson (4yrs)

The boys woke up from their naps earlier than Carlisle. So when Carlisle woke up and came outside, she was carrying her favorite girls, "Ninee" and "Other Ninee". The lambs she has slept with since birth. Sweet Davidson offered to pull them around in the wagon and put 2 blue tubs in the wagon and told Carlisle that was Ninee and Other Ninee's carseats.

She was totally pleased.
"They are ready to go."

He was so sweet and pulled them around the driveway.
(No pictures of the littlest Mowbray (7 mo).
He was sleeping while we were all outside.
Beautiful (and maybe slightly concerned looking)
Carlisle (2yrs)
Handsome Fisher (2yrs)
And those lips...The boys have no pink at their house.
And nothing here is NOT pink.
Oh, and my sweet one was there too.
In the wagon.

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The Severances said...

Aren't college friends great. Glad you guys had such a fun wknd.