Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Evelyn 2008
(11 Months)Remember this?!

Carlisle 2007
(18 mo)
Right before Evelyn was born!
We were asked again for our daughter to be a model.

NEW halloween outfits. New daughter.
Below...Evie, after hearing that she would be a model for the day.
Not so thrilled.
So, this looks innocent enough.
Uh..... NO.
She ran a fever last night.
Today, she, Carlisle and I stayed in for the morning to chill
so that she could rest and feel better.
Carlisle and I ended up doing "Crawl Races" with Evie. All of us SNORT LAUGHING. Evie was basically RUNNING on her hands and knees...and he-haw laughing.
I mistakenly presumed that meant she felt better.
So I took her to the photo shoot.
Bad idea.
I have not even the first picture of her fired up mad because...
I was sweating.
Doing a tap dance.
Rattling toys.
Anything to make her happy.
No avail.
So if you see the commercial or SHE magazine.
This Mama is feeling pretty confident the
M A D L O B S T E R won't be in it.
The camera man got 2 nanoseconds of great footage of her laughing and crawling toward the camera right after I took this photo.
I got his card.

I am going to harrass him to get the final commercial.

If I get it, I'll put it on the blog.
Ok, so she smiled a little.
And, my contemplative older daughter!

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