Saturday, September 20, 2008

Two girls.The Lord knew exactly what he was doing giving me two little girls.
I am an identical twin.
These two little sweet ones are learning to share (daily).
Learning to love.
And learning to have fun....

For so long, Evie was so tiny that Carlisle couldn't enjoy really playing with her.
All that has totally changed in the last month or 2.
Evelyn admires Carlisle and enjoys doing what she's doing...
BUT, she is a cool chick, independent of her sister. She has her own interests, her own personality and her own desires.


Today is Evie's first birthday party! The weather is soooooo much cooler, it's literally screaming for us to have the party outside.

Ok, we will.


Jason, Jessica, and Isabella said...

Wish that we could be at the party tonight!! Since we don't know what this new baby is yet, I hope for Isabella's sake that she is right and it is a girl--obviously we will love and adore the baby either way! I always wanted a sister to share everything with. Thanks for sharing glimpses of what that might be like!

Stephanie said...

cute! It is so fun when they start playing together.

I am waiting for Birthday party pictures!! No slacking!!
I expect same-day blogging from you!!

Anonymous said...