Monday, November 24, 2008

Sometimes I'm on the ball. Other times. Not so much.
I wanted to get my Christmas Cards done early this year. Christmas is my very favorite holiday. The awesomeness of the celebration of Jesus' birth. It's when I decided 4 years ago that I wanted to have a family of my own.

I really like sending and receiving Christmas Cards.

I thought it all through. My sister, Julie, could take them. She was more than happy to take pictures of my family, and I would take pictures of hers.

I was feeling so so so excited with thoughts of getting the cute Edwards-sunset-happy family-cute-girls shot. And, if you read my blog, you know how I am obsessed with pictures. I thought, we can take the pictures on Saturday, order the cards on Monday, and mail them next week. They'd be in mailboxes by the first of December.

I thought of everything, EXCEPT:
(I feel like I need to make a flow chart, or an outline, or something, to make it abundantly clear how nuttttts it was! I love my crazy fun family!)

A. Picture Day, It was 32 degrees outside. (Ok, Maybe realistically it was 42.) So, the girls look like red-nosed reindeer! Little rudolphs. Noses bright red. And, Brian and I turned pasty white. Not our cutest look.

B. I was bribbing the girls with peppermint bark. You know? Yummola pepperminty chocolate fabulousness. Not a good idea.
ONE: Because it melts in little girls mouths, then brown drips are falling everywhere.
TWO: It-a Make-a them-a LOCO. They were running crazy. Wouldn't stay still.
THREE: They'd chew on it for 10 minutes. And we are waiting for them to finish chewing!

C. BAD choices for clothes. Julie tells me now, "yea, I thought your choices weren't exactly right." WHAT? We threw on clothes. No coats. Freezing! Polka dots, colors, patterns! We were a flower explosion. My poor sweet Brian is going to have to be subjected to this again. Or maybe no Christmas Cards. Ha. No way. I love sending them too much.

D. We needed more time. Julie was trying so hard. She would snap a few, and then look at us, look at the pictures and then look really amazed. (I think she was looking at the pictures on the camera and thinking they were just awful). The sun was going down.

These are the worst family pictures of us. I was looking at them and deleting as I went but realized that I was about to delete them all. Here's a few for your chuckling pleasure.

What I learned.
1. Children don't stay still.
2. Solid colors.
3. Bribe, but not with something meltable or chewy. Goldfish?
4. If it's cold, reschedule.
5. Promise your husband a brand-new truck for his patience.

If you are on my Christmas Card list, who knows what you are going to get next month in your mailbox. It will be as big of a surprise to me as you.

I think thats a swamp behind us, or drainage ditch.

Last shot of the day. We give up.
I think, if you say those aren't so bad.
you get to take our pictures next time.


Stephanie and Eric Horecky said...

Will you take some of us this weekend??? I've been SLACK!!!

taiterg said...

great post jennie! i would love to take your pics...i hope you are more successful in your next attempt ;-)

Justin and Jennie said...

HA! When you told me about your pictures at the gym....I TOTALLY didn't think they would be that bad! HA! I was wrong.... :) Good luck picking one out!! .....hmmm, you could always blame the photographer? Maybe not.

Emily Hicks said...

I can TOTALLY relate!!

Rebecca said...

hilarious post Jennie!! I can't wait to see what arrives in my mailbox next month=)

Stephanie said...

REAL LIFE Christmas cards.
Pictures with little ones make my blood pressure shoot out the roof and Tim wants to strangle people because no one will look at the camera. It can get ugly.

You will get a good one. If I know Jennie, she will get a fabulous card in the mail. I am not worried a bit!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Jennie! You are one brave girl! I kind of liked the one of you with your head back and Brian looking down at Carlisle. You looked like a SUPERMODEL! LOL!

I want a suprise in my mailbox too (if it's not too much trouble). 1823 Candy Ln, Florence, SC 29501


P.S. This has become my favorite blog to go too. LOL!

sage said...

hilarious. loved this post.

Jan, Emily, Ella and Sara said...

HA! This is hilarious. I don't think I have one picture of my girls both looking when we want them too. The only way we can get our kids to look at the camera at the same time with all of us in it is to set up the automatic timer and make a big deal out of the red light and beeping noise. Sara may not be smiling, just wondering what the heck the fuss is about, but at least we're all looking at the camera:)

amyop said...

It's so funny when you have it all planned and nothing goes right! That is what is so fun about parenthood! Especially for us planners! Can't wait to see the final look!