Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008
in Edwardsville EVERYONE (except Julie, Luke and Foster!) WAS HERE! I love having Thanksgiving at my house.
Everyone comes, happy and full of love. There's a chill in the air.
It's kicks off the best time of year.
Christmas is coming soon.
The girls freak out about their family being in their house, room, playroom! Almost unbelief at all the family that has come to see them!
And I freak out, because, I get to use all of my fun girly stuff!
Like humungeous gorgeous silver platters, crystal, china, salt cellars . . . no one even notices but me. And that's ok. I cannot explain how happy it makes me. I think I would love to live in a castle with a super long dining room table. Brian could sit at one end, and I could sit at the other end. Then when one of us said "would you please pass the green beans", some really dressed up butler-man would walk the green beans from one of us down to the other end of the table . . . on a silver platter.
I'd like that. . .
But I like family time even more.
This was Fashionista's THIRD outfit before Noon. The 5 children loved playing together.
(All FIVE are two or younger.)
Maleah and the children
loved the playroom after/during/and before the Thanksgiving feast! Myers went back for 2nd's!


gillian said...

looks like y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm with you on loving to use all your girly stuff! I had Thanksgiving at my house this year and enjoyed setting the table and using all the pieces I don't normally use almost more than I enjoyed the food! :) I know you were missing your sister and family...mine was missing too and it's never quite the same, can't imagine if she were my twin how much I'd be missing her!

Andy said...

Thanks for having everyone over for Thanksgiving. We really enjoyed the time there & sorry we couldn't stay any longer. Maleah is REALLY enjoying spending time with Carlisle. She talks about her for days before and days after!

Oh, and one quick funny Maleah story. She was watching the "Elf Yourself" video on our blog last night & after the dancing was over she said "They just busted out". Lara and I laughed for nearly 2 hours! Where do our kids get these things? (And use them in the correct context, no less).