Sunday, March 01, 2009

My big sweet Toughee

My big husband has recently gotten into something new. Something crazy, but he LOVES it. Your husband would know about this. MMA. If you have seen those dudes on TV beating each other up...well, it's not that, but similar. It's called Jiu Jitsu. They roll around on the floor, they just don't punch and kick each other. He does it several times a week.
Just so you know, no one is bleeding on the mats.
It's like wrestling.
Sort of.
Except WAY more intense and physical.
These guys are SO STRONG.

He has been doing it for about 4 months now
and has lost about 15 lbs.
He is amazing and loves the workout.
It is an INTENSE mental and physical challenge.
He wants me to do it to.
I'm not so sure about that.

I thought I sweated when I went to the gym.
He has me beat.
My tough guy,
You are awesome!


gillian said...

WOW! do they offer that at McLeod? my husband would LOVE to do that! Owen is taking Tae Kwan Do and I've been thinking about taking it too. I saw Brian at church yesterday, was hoping to run into you but you must have been in the nursery with Evelyn. Enjoyed the bible study last night, Stephanie is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

You and Brian are so fun! I think that my husband would like it. What is the name of the place he's doing it?

Justin and Jennie said...

Great post! The pictures turned out well. I LOVE the last picture...they look sooooo exhausted. Hope you are feeling better. Justin is going into work today- let's pray he makes it through the day! Love ya!!