Thursday, August 06, 2009

Am I excited? . . . YES!

I am SO pregnant!!!!
Whew Hew!!!! Whew HEW! Yee!
Brian and I are so excited we are seriously about to bust.
This is the fourth time I have announced that I am pregnant at the gym by wearing this shirt. The unveil is very fun! I unzip my jacket, whip it open like superman so that everyone can read my shirt.
Everyone squeels...I think I do too.
My sister wore it at her gym too.
I emailed her while I was in Europe last week and said 'send THE shirt'.
My belly is already sticking out a little! I am already unbuttoning my pants! And I am only 12 weeks (I think).
This is my fourth pregnancy.
If you have read my blog for a while, you know my first baby, a girl, is in heaven.
Our second born, Carlisle is three.
And our third born, Evelyn is one...but will be two in about a month.

So, of course we don't know what the sex of this sweet baby is yet.
BUT, the pregnancy itself has been SO, SO different.
I am like a narcaleptic. One moment, I can be having a conversation with the girls and the next moment I wake up from a wonderful nap on the playroom floor in a puddle of drool. Seriously. They are stepping over me, and on me, playing around me and I sleep through it.
I eat like a teenage boy. Quality and Quantity. Meaning no quality. And HUGE quantity. As much as I can pack in.
All I can think about is food. All day.
I am forever planning the next time I will get to eat.
I start to get the shakes if I don't
eat Poptarts at least 3 times a day.
With ALL of my previous three pregnancies, I have felt amazing.
This time, I have had times of queeziness. One time before we left on our trip and then a few times while we were in Europe.

Maybe it's a boy.
Between you and me, I am praying for twins.
The ultrasound is tomorrow morning at 8:30.
Will you pray for our family?


Emily Hicks said...

Jennie - it has to be a BOY! My pregnancy with Elise was a breeze. My boy pregnancies were yucky and sick for the first 3 months. I will certainly being praying for you guys tomorrow. And the baby bump appears so much quicker with #3. I am so thrilled for ya'll

jord,ali,hal,kam and grae too! said...


Stephanie said...

Race you to the delivery room! I am so happy we are doing this together. God is so good.
Praying for your appt tomorrow.

gillian said...

so glad i checked your blog when i's 8:20 and i'm on my knees girl, praying for this precious life(s) God has given you!

The Ginfridas said...

We're so happy for you!

Taylor and Turner Slade said...

I felt like you're describinga nd have the twin boys! Congrats on the pregnanncy and can't wait to see your cute self prego!!

Taylor and Turner Slade said...
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