Friday, September 04, 2009

FLASHBACK FRIDAY and a little extra!

We had friends in Atlanta that were ba-zillionares.
They had a friend that was a pro-fisherman, Brian would remember his name, but I can't.
Anyway, they paid this pro-fisherman to design a lake for them...for their backyard...their 1000-acre backyard....bazillionares.
They stocked it with fish, but no one ever fished it. Picture fish trying to jump into our boat. (My kind of fishing.)
You get the idea.
You didn't have to be a good fisherman (me), to catch anything.
Oh my gosh, Brian, with-or-without-me, would run up to this lake, North of Atlanta, and fish his heart out.
He just was reminiscing about it the other day. * * * * * * *
Yesterday afternoon, we were sitting in the driveway, the weather was beautiful. The girls were having a popcicle. I have been super weepy, happy, giddy, crying girl with pure joy that I am having another girl. I seriously can't get over it.
I am thrilled.
I feel amazed that God is blessing us in this way. Thank you Lord.
So I ask Carlisle what she thinks of it all.
Me: ' Carlisle! So Honey! How do you feel about having another sister!?
A sweet baby girl! ...
What do you think? '
And then.
She answered.
In a way, only a three-year-old girl could.
I loved the answer so much, I wrote it down.
Word-for-word.Carlisle: ' I think it's GREAT Mommy!
Three beautiful girls!
And One Big Happy Daddy. '
Then back to me, sitting in the driveway, watching them eat their popcicles
happy and crying.

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Belinda said...

Awwww.. That's SO sweet! I couldn't have said it better myself, Carlisle. Congrats on your baby girl! I can only imagine having another girl with the 2 already beautiful, joyful ones you have. You have a WONDERFUL family who loves like you do. HUGS! (handing you a Kleenex) LOL!