Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Monday-Monday (oops, it's already Tuesday)

I am seriously salivating over this new camera that I am DYING to buy. It would be a super-dupper upgrade from my been-to-the-beach-has-sand-in-every-nook&cranny-lens-is-busted-up-I-let-Carlisle-use-it-to-take-pictures camera, that I have had for 4+ years. I have never purchased an additional lens. SO. I think what I am going to do, is take my little pile of pennies that I make teaching aerobics and rub them together for another couple of months and buy it as a treat for myself. I might be able to scrape enough together by 2020. Did I mention it comes with 2 lenses? I bought this little mermaid costume for like $5 at the twice a year, huge consignment sale. I don't ever think she has looked at me with more love than when I pulled it out of the bag. She immediately said, 'Now I can swim like a mermaid in the water.' So. The next day. We went swimming. The old people swimming laps were so sweet to her. Called her Ariel. We may have to change her name too.
I got a stupidly-great DEAL yesterday. I went to the store to get stationary for Evelyn's birthday party. I was just about to buy some invitation stationary that I didn't actually love, when I saw it.
75% off! I racked up 3 PACKS of invitations for $11. So the next THREE parties I throw for my girls. Um. Dirt cheap, insanely-cute invitations! I got the deal of the century!

Carlisle had it first. Up all night, throwing up. And poopie craziness. Within a day or 2, Evelyn had it. Same situation. Except...I caught her pukey-puke in my HANDS. Great. Then, her teacher, who had come over to our house to introduce herself caught the rest of the puke in a papertowel...then left. She seriously RAN out the door. I had to laugh. What else could I do?

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