Monday, February 21, 2011

Bringing Glory to God

(some of the pictures are a little fuzzy, gritty...they were taken with my phone)
She is ONE.
Angel Baby.
She causes me to glorify God.

I am taking a course called Perspectives. It's amazing. I zip out of my Monday night kickboxing class to make it in time. But I'm never actually on time. Kickboxing ends at 6:25 and this class begins at 6:30.
It's 3 hours. So, it seems missing the first 5 or 10 minutes of class is ok. Thankfully.
It's unlike any seminar or class I've ever attended. There is a different speaker each Monday night. Flown in from all over the country. All seem to be theologians, authors, scholars, missionaries. Tonight BLEW ME AWAY.
(exerpts from my notes)

'We are to bring glory to the creator God.'
In Exodus 33, Moses asks God to show him his GLORY. Show him his magnificance. His splendor. His distinction. His beauty. His bliss.

'Then Moses said, 'Now show me your glory.' " Exodus 33:18

God says ok, sure, I will. What did God choose to show Moses?

Wait for this...


'And the Lord said, 'I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the Lord, in your presence. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.' Exodus 33:19

God showed Moses his GLORY by showing his MERCY. COMPASSION. And. LOVE.

What am I doing to bring glory to God? What am I NOT doing. Or what am I doing that DOESN'T bring glory to God?

Earlier today...
74 and SUNNY....BIG puffy clouds, wispy clouds, small clouds.
The band Eurythmics said it best...'Sweet dreams are made of th-iis.'

Laying in the grass in the backyard with all three girls. Just had a peanut butter and jelly picnic lunch...wind blowing, hair blowing, clouds blowing, trees blowing...really? I wouldn't change it one degree or take away one breeze or add one. It's as good as it gets.

I say outloud, between bites of lunch, 'Nothing is better than this....You know girls?'
Carlisle, pensively chewing on a bite of carrot, doesn't look up from her thoughtful munching. She quietly says, 'Jesus'.

Right Carlisle. Jesus IS better than even the most gorgeous of days.
I ask her if she thinks THIS will be the weather in heaven. She matter-of-factly says 'No'.
'What is the weather in heaven?'
'It's summer in heaven.'

Carlisle has just come back from inside with an additional blanket and two pillows to maximize cloud watching ability. They have pink cheeks, literally flushed from the excitement of the day and where the sunshine is in the process of kissing their fair cheeks. Tongues bright green from the treats sent home from Carlisle and my weekend in Chicago...but I'll come back to that...
We're skipping gymnastics again. I just can't leave the gorgeousness of this day to go across town and take them to something indoors. Pretty sure everything they would do in class they are doing in the grass, right here. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself, so I won't feel any guilt that I paid for the month and they aren't there. I look up from my laptop here on my blanket. Carlisle is jumping rope in the grass. Evelyn just cut a flip. Now they are climbing on the playhouse, making it into a fort and jumping off.
Yep. Not gonna feel ANY guilt.
Besides Carlisle just plopped down besi
de me on the blanket and announced: 'This is the FUN-EST day EVER!'

Speaking of guilt.
It all STARTED from a little old fashioned guilt, I think….
But for a change, it wasn't mine.

Brian has had a busy winter. Wonderfully busy. A trip with his friends one weekend, a fishing trip to Costa Rica for most of one week with his Dad. And of course 2 weeks in Cambodia before Christmas.

He texted me maybe a month or so ago from work. His fishing trip was approaching. He said that he thought I needed a getaway too. I knew it was a decision born of guilt. But I took the bait. I told him, honestly, that I would love the opportunity to get out of town. Remember, I'm the one, prior to children, who traveled on a weekly basis as a computer consultant. Jetsetting at least two flights per week. Racking up the sky miles...and hotel points.

So, I told Brian, I'd love to go visit my friend in Chicago. I asked him if I could take Carlisle with me. Knowing that, of course, she is far from being a lap child. Therefore, she'd require an additional airline ticket. An extra $200 bucks. After talking it over, it was decided. I'd take her with me. An opportunity for me to pour into her. Just she and I. Together. Traveling. Loving. Me learning about her when the little ones aren't around. Who she is when there's no one to compete with, for attention.

And now. Here we are, weeks later. On our way to see one of my best friends, Kristen.
got her Dora backpack strapped on. A new book inside. Her new light pink flower hairbow, a valentines gift from her friend James, firmly secured in place.
(watching planes takeoff and land from inside the airport)
My girl asks really cute questions:
C: 'What is that machine for?'
Me: 'It's to check our baggage."
C: 'What for?'
Me: 'So that they can be sure we don't bring anything we shouldn't.'
C: 'Like what?'
Not wanting to get into terrorists and scary people. The first thing that comes to mind is a steak knife. A knife? Oh well. S
o I say it.
Me: 'Things like knives.'
C: 'Knives?'
Thankfully the discussion ends there.

There is SO much for her to see and look at that she quickly starts noticing other things and stops asking about all the things that could potentially be in weirdos bags.

Having her with me helps me realiz
e how much waiting goes into flying. She was SO excited to fly. So excited. Did I say excited? We patiently waited at the security check point. Then patiently waited at t
he gate while she played Doodle Jump on my phone. Waited after we got on the plane.
Waited once we taxied.

But it was ALL worth it once the plane took off. Of course I am watching her reaction. Her mouth flies open. She LOVES it. She laughs. She giggles. She looks at me with an expression of extreme joy. She's

It's just she and I. This is the first time we've been alone for the weekend since her little sisters were born. There's no one to share attention with. Out the window, as the plane is flying high into the sky, the ground is moving quickly away from us.

We are off the ground for no more than 2 minutes when she looks up at me and nervously says, 'How are we gon
na land?' Complete panic.

I tell her that it will be no problem. That planes are as good at landing as they are at takeoff.
She asks if we will land slowly or hard.
I smile and reassure her again saying that just as easily as we took off, we will land.
She nods.

At one point, the plane lurches a little. She looks at me and says; 'Mommy I don't want to fly anymore' then buries her head in my lap. But it only lasts for a few moments. The window is calling her.
She HAS to look.
It is beckoning her and she just has to see what is unfolding out there.
She tells me the clouds are like cotton balls that she wants to walk on. I smile and tell her to keep watching. Our plane is going to go THROUGH those clouds.

We'd been traveling for hours by this point. We are on the final leg of our trip.
I have my headphones on.
She starts wiggling. I look over.
She looks pained. I know it's her ears. I try to explain to her how to clear them. She tries. No avail. By this point she's crying. I figure there must be fluid in her ears to get this response. She lays down in my lap and within moments, falls asleep.

Her ears continue to bother her, even the following morning.
So the day after we arrive, we make a visit to the doctors care office. They see us right away. Carlisle lays on the table. Still smiling faintly. Happy to have all of Kristen and my attention. The nurse asks her to describe how she feels. She offers a smiley face chart to assist. It's so cute. Kristen gets a copy of it for she and I to take home. I LOVE IT. (I have copies, if you want one. email me.) Carlisle points to the face that isn't smiling, isn't frowning. Somewhere in the middle.

Doctor diagnosis her with a small ear infection, thankfully it was detected early. They give us antibiotics and we are on our way. She's better within hours.

To say it was awesome. Doesn't do it justice.
To say it was something we needed. Doesn't say it well enough.
To say it was something like caused me to love even more about my girl. Doesn't tell enough either.

It is something I would like to do each year. With each girl. Ha.
Wonder if I could ever pull that off...

Carlisle, the budding photographer, passed some airport time snapping pictures of us..and Ninee.
A belated birthday at Two Toots. Where lunch is brought to you on a train.

I asked her today.
Me: 'What was your favorite part of your trip to Chicago?
Carlisle: 'Holding Cole.' The Guinea Pig.

more to come...

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