Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who is she?

Who is this Chick?

Who goes on a mission trip to the jungles of Peru when she is 15 weeks pregnant?
Who leaves her 3 little girls with her husband all alone?
Only a woman that loves the Lord unabashedly.
Who puts her relationship with Jesus above all else.
A woman that has been transformed.

If you haven't realized yet, this is not Jennie writing, it's Brian.

She would never say this stuff.
As a matter of fact, she doesn't know I am doing this, so if it gets deleted, oh well.
Not really sure what I am doing, or how to do this, but I will give it a try. I haven't blogged since Evelyn was born. That was over 4 years ago.
My wife....."Superwoman" as some people call her, and I agree. Why do I say that? Cause I have been at home with my girls, trying to do what she does on a daily basis, and it just can't be done! Breakfast, laundry, dishes, lunch, diapers, boo boos, dinner, tidying,
oh yes and HOMESCHOOL!

How does one homeschool a 5 and a 4 year old with a 19 month old screaming and climbing in your lap all morning? Any tips? If so, I am open to all suggestions. What I am doing....ain't working. And don't give me the "put her in another room with a book/toys/movie" routine......that didn't work to well.

Enough about me. Why is Jennie doing what she is doing? Some might say "I can't....I am pregnant", or "I can't I have 3 babies", etc.... she says "I can't not". She is pregnant, tired, and whether she admits it our not, has morning, afternoon, and evening sickness. I come home in the afternoon, and she is wiped out.....she has given her all.

So, why the heck would she go on a mission trip??? One thing I have been overwhelmed by is the passion that she has for The Gospel. It has overtaken her. She loves scripture and wants all to know of God's grace through Jesus. Am I bragging on her......yes, but more, I am bragging on what Jesus has done to her. She has a fire. Not because of anything she has done, but because what he He has done in her.

What is more important? 10 days at home, or 10 days helping the Gospel to be spread to all nations?
I vote for the latter.
And that's coming from a struggling stay at home Dad.

Go get em girl.....
I got your back.


~Megan~ said...

This is beautiful,Brian! So sweet! Let me know if you need some help with the girlies!

Kathleen Kennebeck said...

I just got goosebumps! this just made my day. im pretty sure I just had tears in my eyes. ya'll both amaze me SO much. what a blessing you both are:] LOVE ya'll!

MadHatter said...

Awesome! I saw you sitting in co-op this morning and had one of those "if you had told me 17ish years ago..." moments. God has transformed some of us; to Him be the glory! Hang in there...if you need us to descend on Sunday afternoon to clear the wreckage before she gets back, let us know. Seriously.