Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The little baby.
Yes, she takes medicine every day of her life.
Yes, she's doing SO much better! She almost never spits up. 
Yes, she has gained 2 lbs. in a month. 
Yes, her toenails are painted pink. 
Yes, her look favors one of the girls over the others. It's Evelyn. 
Yes, she's got blue eyes like the rest. 
Yes, she has a superb double chin. And killer chubby cheeks.
Yes, she sleeps like a rockstar. 
Yes, oh my goodness, is she sweet.
...And I think a few of us may have settled on calling her


Seems I start every blog with a story from Evelyn. But that's because right now...she is sweet, funny, sensitive and easy to write about. So here's some of the latest. 

They came in one night this week from Bible Alive at the church. They are jazzed up. Totally excited about what fun they are having. I am asking a million questions. What did you do? What did you eat? What did you learn? 
I ask Evelyn...'Who did you see tonight that made you so happy?' And she thought for a moment. 
I just knew that she was going to say one of her favorite teenagers that babysit for us. 
But no. 
Her answer? 
'Seeing Carlisle.' 
Keep in mind, they spend every second together. They sleep side by side in bed. But it was Carlisle that she was excited to see. Amazing. 
They go on to tell me that when Evelyn saw Carlisle, she sat in the floor and cuddled up in her lap.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The girls all went with me to Baby Bliss' 3 month appointment. I actually think it was a 2 month appointment 1 month late. But whichever it was, we were there. No camera. No phone. So no pictures. Bummed about that. The good news. 
All is well with our Eleanor Bliss. She is in the 50%. Which for my girls is small. But for her is huge, considering last visit she was in the 12%.

The girls behaved really well. Especially if you don't count the moment when Vivian T-T'ed on the waiting room floor. 

So we are waiting. 
We playing 'I Spy' in the tiny examining room. It's entertainment for a 4 and 6 year old. NOT so much for a 2 year old. But she's quiet enough.

The visit goes great. And then it's time for the babies shots. 3 shots.

The nurse does it. The baby wails. The older girls look...not horrified...just a little less than that....maybe downcast, hurt, bummed.

Evelyn just looks so sad. Then she turns, looks me in the eyes and says, 'Oh Mama. I wish it was me! Not her. I WISH I COULD TAKE THE SHOTS FOR HER.'

That tender heart is something I have not taught. It is just who she is. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm forever saying in the house, 'Ev! Have you got the baby? ...I can't find her.' 

And Evelyn responds from the next room. I can always hear the smile in her voice. 

'Yes, I've got her.'

I took this picture on my phone yesterday. I had left the baby in the swing and come back moments later. She was just coloring. But she had to have her baby with her while she did it. 
Napping with Carlisle. 

Viv. Hilariousness. 
Always the one to entertain herself...sometimes her entertainment of self includes Trouble with a capital T. And sometimes her entertainment includes a tiny half-smile sidekick.

Whew. I've said it before and I'll probably say it again.

I'm purging. And I like it. A closet. Two cabinets. Some book shelves. It's so liberating to rid my life of stuff. I am setting a goal to purge the whole house this summer.

Sometimes you just all of a sudden realize that the 'time has come.'

Potty training. I've put it off.

I've been waiting for the right time. Well. There is no right time.

With the older two girls as soon as they turned two years + one month. It was potty training time. Carlisle was a smarty pants and ready to do it. She was totally (and I mean totally) potty trained in a day and a half. It was miraculous. 

A year later, when Evelyn was 2 years + 1 month, I did the same thing. Turbo potty training. Worked great. Total success with contestant #2.

And then there is Vivian. At 2 years + 1 month, I was 400 weeks pregnant, give or take a couple hundred weeks. I just couldn't seem to gear up for doing it. It seemed easier to just keep changing diapers. So I did. 

Now, here I am. She's 2 years + 5 months. And officially in the Two's. Which means, silly me...I missed the window where potty training is easy. 

I've done this twice. With great success. HOW HARD CAN IT BE? 

I'm afraid, she's a taddy tad more excited about the panties than the potty.
 Her upper lip is stained purple from sucking down so many of these incredibly sugary drinks. That was my trick with the other two. Give em tons of yummy drinks and they'll go. They can't stop drinking the yummy drink because it is so much sweeter than milk and water. So they suck down ounces and ounces of drink...and's gotta come out. So with the older girls, they had dozens of opportunities to go potty during the first day. 

Well, when you are two + 5 months, clearly you have an agenda. And it's not to do anything that seems easy. Even drinking the yummy sugary drinks with her was a chore. 

I had the good stuff. Jolly Rancher drinks. I mean can you get better than that? 

It was an all day affair. Hours and hours. She went potty a couple times. But it was insane. Me coaxing her with the promise of Skittles for a good-job-treat, which she calls Skeeedles. 

We take a break to clear our heads.

Then back to work. 

She would sit on the potty for .03 nanoseconds before dismounting.  She basically was all sugared up and couldn't sit still....How did I do this again? Was I so much younger and smarter those 2 years ago? How did I get it to work? What's happening here? 

At one point she tried to pout. She crossed her little arms across her chest the way Evelyn used to do. She poked out her bottom lip. I looked around the side of the potty and she can't keep from laughing. We had both had enough. 

'My head hurts...right there....' she says. 

And she pats her head.

As if to clarify the situation and be a little more specific she says...'It's red.'

She's dilerious. Almost drunk seeming. 

I feel the same.

We resort to doing nails and putting blue hair mascara in our hair. By the time Brian got home, we were fried. I had a cup of hot tea and my laptop and was on the bathroom floor.  I called it a day. 

And then he and I went out on a date. :) 

The end of the story? 

She's been demoted. 

To pullups. 

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