Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Riverbanks Zoo was HOT!

Leah, her son Dawson, Carlisle and I went to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia today. They both took a short nap on the way over.
I am not, AT ALL, the type to watch the weather channel...or even TV.... so we happened to go on the hottest day of the year. It felt like 700 degrees, but it was ONLY 95..... GrandMayMay met us there!!!
Check out Carlisle's joyful reaction to holding her GrandMayMay's hand!
The two tikers loved all the animals!
Dawson - 17 months

There were...
And turtles...
Zoo Crew!
There were...
Sweet girls in pink hats...
Proud Mamas...
And wonderful, happy families!!
The Sea Lion show! The babes loved it!

We all had pink cheeks.
There were...

And 3 Generations of girls!!!! Cooling a barn. Sounds was AMAZING.

After the Zoo
To cool off we went to Rushs' for MILKSHAKES and ICE CREAM!!

Delirious, hot and checking out her GrandMayMay
Laughing at her GrandMayMay...
Truly we were so hot, we didn't know what she was doing and neither did she.
Grandpa Gar even came to visit!
Dawson thought he was totally silly...
She ate up all of his love.
These two enjoyed the day together.
Leah, I love your sweet spirit and your spontineity. You are such a fun friend and such a total delight to be around! Let's plan to get these two together again super soon!


leah medina said...

Hi Jennie, I was so excited to see you had posted the pics. There are so many great ones. I had such a fun day with you, Carlisle and May-May!! I enjoyed looking at the events of our day :) Thank you for everything. You're the best!

Linda "Nanny" Kilmartin said...

Hi Jennie,

Leah shared your blog site link with me. The pictures of Carlisle and Dawson's day at the zoo are too cute!
How wonderful Leah has such a nice friend to share days like these.
Linda :)

Julie and Luke said...

These pictures are darling! So fun! I wish I was there! GrandMayMay and GrandGare sure looked like they were having fun!

JACLYN said...

Hi Jennie!

Leah sent me the pictures from your adventure to the zoo!! There are so many great pictures...I wish I could comment on all of them! hehe!

Carlisle and Dawson look so cute in the pictures! I love their hats and sweet faces!

The one picture that makes me laugh though is of the back of Dawson holding on to the fence and I can only imagine the lil crazy pants yelling to the animals on the other side! mohaha!

I hope next time I am visiting Leah we can visit with you and Carlisle! She is so grown up from the last time I saw her!

<333 Jaclyn