Friday, June 29, 2007

There's always SUNSHINE and giggly-girl-fun at the Zybko's!

Carlisle and I hung out with Team Zybko yesterday.

We arrived at 10:30am and left SEVEN hours later. We took a break from swimming just long enough to chow down on fresh cantelope, Dylan's homemade chocolate chip muffins, grapes, pretzels, and Capri Suns!

We both LOVE being with y'all!!

Carlisle and VictoriaCarlisle's favorite girl Olivia came too!!!!! Delaney....Singing and Dancing to the beat of HER DRUM!

Olivia's beautiful Mama, Courtney.
Carlisle's cute, new hand-me-down suit! (Thank you Courtney!)
Ring around the Rosies....everyone under on "All Fall Down!"
Drexel, currently the youngest in the clan.
(I snuck a picture of Big David with Love Monkey!!!)
The fabulous chunky-hiney shot!!!After a three hour nap for the little ones...time for a

Princess Party!

Complete with hairbows, necklaces, rings, bracelets, body glitter, gobs of lip gloss and pink fingernails with sparkles for everyone!

Can you see her pink nails?Zybko's, we think you are the cats MEOW!!!

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