Thursday, June 28, 2007

Supper Club

We had the intensely awesome opportunity to hang out with some of THE coolest cats around. Couples from Florence with a love of all things wonderful came together at the Hayhoe's house for dinner with a Chinese flair! It's our Supper Club that dines internationally. We randomly select a country from around the world and all make a dish from that region or country. Sweeden was last month....this month CHINA!!! (We missed you Todd and Francis!)Check out the chopsticks in the girls hair!
Closeup of "The Do's"
Baba Ganoosh Rock and Becky
Time for desert...MMMmmmmm!!!
Brian telling a Citadel mess-hall story... he had to stand up to act it out!
Brian and I forgot to bring the we pulled up a world atlas online and I closed my eyes and clicked. Next month.... Russia!


Eric & Stephanie said...


TAG said...

Jen M. told me about your blog and it is SO great. It seems like yesterday we were at the ADPi house! You were always so inspiring to me: such great positive energy! Take care, Tiffany

Chris and Anna said...

What a great idea and a fun group of friends!!! I love all the recent posts...esp. Carlisle at the water park near Aunt Julie's house.