Monday, June 25, 2007

Love fest at the Emerts!

The Emerts: Courtney, Jeremy and Olivia are fantastic, fun and we are SO enjoying hanging out with them! AND, our daughters love each other! What a blessing for all of us.
Courtney and Jeremy, thanks for a fun dinner Sunday night!
Carlisle was scared!Maybe not!
Ok, be serious Jeremy!!!!We hung out in Olivia's room all night, it was PERFECT!!!
DANCING!!!!! They were acting like clowns to get the girls attention!

We love you Emerts!


Collin, Aron, Makgill, and Clara Beth said...

That first picture of Carlisle and Jeremy is hilarious! So Cute!

Courtney said...

We love you guys and can't WAIT till our next get-together. Your family is such an amazing blessing and absolutely an answer to prayer!

Eric & Stephanie said...

OK, I think you guys are pretty cool, but it sounds like Courtney might like you more =)

I LOVE the new pic of you and Bud at the top of your Blog...Ya'll are too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog... I need to make a Suzi-ville blog! You rock! Your RIGHT color green is the color of my office and dining room! Perfect. Yes the first on was nursing home/prison green LOL

Love ya! Suzi B