Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend time with Me Me!

My Mom came for the entire weekend. We could not have asked for a better time with her.
When she arrived, I captured this picture of the family enjoying the deck through the bedroom door....(I have a slight paparazzi problem). The joy of having a daughter/little tiny one to dress...check out her mini-skirt. : )
The sweet, jolly, large Pup!
Storytime before bed with her Me Me...

3 Generations.

I feel SO blessed by the Grace of God for this awesome opportunity to enjoy my Mother and daughter together. Wish you lived even closer Mom...
The weather was strangely wonderful this weekend. Can I call 80's cool? It felt amazing.
First choice for dinner, Benton's, had a private party. We went to Chili's and ate on the deck. Turns out we made the right decision.
Carlisle calls the red chili pepper on the Chili's signs/menu/waiters apron/etc "apple!" But she squeels it and enjoyed saying it over and over!!

A couple fun shots while we wait for the food....

Nothing satisfies Carlisle's excitement more than holding hands with everyone at the table and finishing the prayer with a very exhuberant "AMEN"....except her Amen is pronounced "AMY!"

We had SUCH a fun time. She was done with the highchair as we waited for the bill to arrive. So I pulled her out so she could stretch her legs.
She went to EVERY single table out on the deck to greet, wave and smile at them. (I wish I had a picture of this!)
She would then point over toward us and say "Ma Ma" as if to introduce them to me. Everyone stopped their meals, smiled and she blew kisses and waved. It was so touching...because the "cool guys" on their hot dates, the table of Mama's and the table of dressed up/out on the town girls at another table were each SO sweet to her.


I hurt I love her so much.


Courtney said...

you are absolutely right on in your comment "i hurt i love her so much"...that's such a good way to put it. you found a way to say exactly what i so often feel about my own. man, we are blessed. By the way, the last picture with one eye covered and the other wide open might be one of my favorites of her so far...i'm impressed!

Chris and Anna said...

I feel your pain on the "I hurt, I love her so much.." comment. I feel that way about Chris and Ava. It is somewhat like "My cup runneth over..". The joy they bring to my life makes it easy to feel, helplessly greatful to God for my blessings! Your family is BEAUTIFUL!!

Monster Truck Princess said...

Love the picture of her with teased hair in the blue shirt. My favorite ever.

Heidi said...

When I scrolled down to the picture in the blue shirt, I thought it was Callie for a second!