Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why I haven't blogged this week!

I am squirrel nesting, nesting, nesting.
I am undenyably AND self-admitedly BESERK right now. Maybe I would be this way if I weren't about to give birth...or maybe I would, you decide.

I am painting everything not nailed down. The kitties move to fast for me to paint them. :) Brian has gotten roped into all of these projects in the upstairs of our house all last weekend...each of which has to do with our expanding family of girls. One project is a big secret until we are all done, so keep checking the blog, hope to be done in another week or two.
The second project was in Carlisle's room, I will take pictures in there when she wakes up.
AND THE THIRD is below. Selecting the paint for new baby girls room.
I stink at it.
Below is attempt #1. For starters, Brian and I sat with 700 greens infront of us and finally decided on one that we both really thought was beautiful.
I went to Sherwin Williams and asked for a gallon of the paint we selected, except I asked for the wrong color. Didn't realize it until I was at home rolling the walls.
Yuck-O on the walls. Made me feel sick. In the picture it looks me, it's not.
So back to Sherwin Williams with Carlisle. This time I took the old trusty swatch of fabric that inspired this whole thing. So far I love it!!!! Brian, I can't wait for you to see it this afternoon when you get home for triple-date-grill-night!


Eric & Stephanie said...

That looks so pretty! I can't wait to see the SUPRISE!!!!!!

Stephanie Blackiston said...

I have an idea for your suprise. Indoor fake grass.

If you are too busy to blog, you are too busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding. Can't wait to see everything. Wish I could help. Picking paint colors is the worst.

Tallon said...

ohhhhhh.... what can it be?! what can it be?! I can not wait to see the SURPRISE!! we are getting soo excited over this new little ones soon arrival=) I love the 2nd green on the walls- I def can not pick out paint colors- very difficult!

Courtney said...

looking good, momma

both you and your choice of paint color! :)