Wednesday, July 11, 2007

LITTLE GIRLS....Sugar and spice and everything nice...

Chillin' in a boat on a hot summer day. Heidi, we always have SUCH a nice time in your huge, terrific backyard. Thank you so much for being such a supremely sweet and generous hostess...OH, AND for the coolest hand-me-down toy of all time!
Carlisle is enjoying her girlfriends SO much right now. The one that she seems to do the very best with is "O-bib-e" aka Olivia....although the name she loves to hear herself say all day long is Abby. And she even said Callie too!!!
Carlisle has the water toy, Olivia has the "baby" and then they would swap!

Like a Mama bird, my little one slowly fed Olivia, until Olivia had eaten her fill.
"Ok, just a little for me"

I speak for my little one when I say, thanks for the perfect afternoon of girly fun y'all!


Courtney said...

Ok, those pics where Carlise is feeding my (obviously starved for food) child are precious. I wish our daughters had bellies, don't you?

Ha, ha!

Stephanie Blackiston said...

I really like the one of Carlisle looking down at the grass on her fingers. I love her little body!!!! She is very cute.