Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Pod for Evelyn!

I feel like a broken record these days with the love that I feel for our Florence "community" of friends. The Lord has completely blessed our little family with families our age, whose children are a similar age, most of whom are girls and even pregnant Mama's of more girls. It is miraculous and Brian and I marvel at God's rich goodness to us during this sweet girly season of our lives.

We scooted by and picked up Olivia to take her to the babysitters.
"Hold! Hold! Hold!" Both were insisting the other hold their hand. Wednesday night, our Biblestudy hosted a joint shower for Evelyn and Josie.

Evelyn due September 16. Josie due September 26. They selected to do fun group gifts for each family, which truly is the coolest thing ever. We got to splurge and select the item that we would never buy for ourselves! I selected a Baby Pod!

We played interesting games....
May the best Dad win!
Of course, Brian is great at everything! Including sucking coke out of a bottle?? He won! I think he is still waiting on the "great prize"...
The girls reaction to the game!
Jeremy up to no good!
My fabulouso-foxy-Mama friends!
Julie, Lia, Kristin, Me, Erin, Rebecca, Rebecca, Courtney, Aron and Heidi
Feeding poor Brian baby food. Sorry Honey. He was such a great sport.
Most of these couples have only one child and are having more in the future.
He-he-he! We've already decided, payback!
Oops! Missed his mouth...

The perfect evening. Thank you Courtney and Jeremy, Reeves and Rebecca, Gus and Erin, Jason and Heidi, Steve and Rebecca, Collin and Aron, Robert and Julie, Matt and Jennifer, Lia and Stacey, and Bryan and Kristin for the fun and the best gift!


Courtney said...

Great, great, great!! Pictures, thoughts, everything! Before I opened your blog, I was thinking to myself, 'I'm going to blog later on today if I can, but the problem is I just keep talking about how much I love my friends here and how blessed we are--how many more times can I say the same thing?' and then I opened your blog and the first sentence was "I feel like a broken record..." You said the EXACT same thing. Are we meant to be friends, or what?

It truly was our privilege to help with the shower...we can't believe that God's allowing us to do this kind of thing for such neat people when we've only been here 5 months. It absolutely blows our minds! We love you guys! And remember, I didn't plan the games so go easy on me with the payback!!

Eric & Stephanie said...

What color baby pod did you get???

Collin, Aron, Makgill, and Clara Beth said...

We had so much FUN at y'alls shower! We are so excited for these two new little Bible Study bundles! Can't wait to meet the babes!

Tallon said...

Great pictures reflecting an AWESOME party! we are soo thankful to have you guys as friends and this small group. Can not wait to meet baby Evelyn! love to all

Julie, Robert and Luke said...

We had so much fun too! You and Brian were such great sports! Baby Evelyn...we are looking forward to meeting you!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blessing having all those wonderful friends! I really, really, really look forward to meeting everyone when I come for a visit once Evelyn is born!!!!!!! Jeremy looks like he is a lot of fun! Can't wait to case some trouble with him! Ha Ha Ha!
Love you so much Jennie, Brian, Carlisle & baby Evelyn! Kiki