Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Beach Ambassador of Paradise

We arrived in Kiawah on Wednesday to a gorgeous, sunny day. Our room wasn't ready, so we headed for the beach to enjoy the sunshine of SC's coastline. We stripped down Baby Love and changed her into her bathing suit for her day of fun.

The digging started innocently enough....
Keep watching as the sand on her skin starts to cake....
My Mom came to enjoy this time with us. Without question, it was the highlight of our trip! Carlisle is infatuated with her. Thirsty girl!
He is AMAZING with her. She ADORES him. (Adore is not a strong enough word. She talks about him ALL DAY EVERYDAY while he is at work.)
Her favorite thing was to dig, dig, dig, then throw it on herself and us.
Whew...exhausted from all the digging!
A couple of hours later. She was COVERED in sand.
And it was PURE DELIGHT!Look closely, she doesn't have freckles, it's sand!
Of course, Carlisle met dozens of new friends on the beach everyday. She spoke to ALL of the people lounging around us, people on the beach, the family digging and building the sand castle and anyone who walked by.

The cutest lady sitting in one of the lounge chairs close to us watched Carlisle work the beach. She spoke to Carlisle and promptly dubbed her, "The Beach Ambassador". No title was more appropriate. Here are some of her new friends in the background of this shot.
Then we went down to the pool to splash around a bit and order dinner under the umbrellas at the poolside grille.
THURSDAY morning..... Back down to the beach for more fun.
Beach Babe. Her hat said it all!!
She'd follow her Daddy anywhere.Fun in the gully.

Chasing Seagulls.3 Generations. I am so blessed.
We left Friday and scooted from Kiawah up the coast to Little River to hang out with some of the coolest friends we've ever had.
Courtney and Jeremy have 1 daughter.
Gregarious, outgoing, smart as a whip - Olivia.
Lia and Stacey have 1 daughter.
Super-sweet, loving, going-to-be-an-amazing-big-sister Abby.
(And they are also expecting another baby in September! Also a girl!)
Saturday morning,
off to the beach. The girls played so hard that Carlisle enjoyed her afternoon nap on the lounge chair at the beach!
Olivia loved the fact that Carlisle was sleeping. But she quickly lost interest in Carlisle and was splashing, digging, laughing, running and enjoying the surf.
Another Beach Babe.
Lia, Stacey and little Abby enjoy sweet family time.Abby looks like a total moviestar. Meanwhile...Little is still sleeping...
Peanut butter and jelly, loads of goldfish...and sandy grapes and strawberries. Oh, AND Capri sun's which the girls LOVED.
Sleeping Beauty awoke just in time for lunch!!
Our hunky husbands off to toss the frisbee.
She wouldn't pull her wagon. But she'd push it.

The girls were SANDY! Dirty! And ready for a nap!
The Daddies took care of Best Buddies Bath Time!!

Breakfast Sunday morning.
Courtney and Lia, we are the most blessed Mama's in the world!

Saturday night after Courtney's awesome homemade Lasagna dinner we were off to Calabash Creamery for Ice Cream. Delicious.
Jeremy is nuts!
Sunday morning.
Puppet show for the girls.
(Thank you Heidi! They all loved it!)
The audience

I love this shot. Click to see upclose.

We didn't go to a church, so we had our own worship!
The last supper.
Just kidding! Sunday lunch before naptime.
Thanks for inviting us Courtney. Thanks for being so sweet. We enjoyed every last second. I am thrilled to have you as a friend, Brian is thrilled to have Jeremy and Carlisle is thrilled to have Olivia.


Justin and Marketa said...

Thank you so much for taking such wonderful pictures. I felt like I was there. My favorite shot is of Carlisle sleeping and her arms are stretched out. That was priceless.

Tallon said...

soo much fun- glad you guys got away for a few days!!! cute pictures

Courtney said...

you guys free next weekend? we're ready to go back! we feel equally as blessed to be called your friends. thanks for sharing your family's life with ours!

Monster Truck Princess said...

Cool blog. Except, FYI, ya'll aren't the most blessed mommas in the world.

Andy said...

Wow! Those were great pix. I really enjoyed seeing all the fun & excitement.

Mom tells me you've got a "project" you're working on & will have photos of really soon!

Can't wait to see. :-)