Saturday, September 15, 2007

Amazing Love

She is here.
Everything has changed.

Our love is richer for each other, for Carlisle and now for a whole new little, tiny person.

She is gorgeous, beautiful, unbelievably sweet, eats like a piggy and burps like a truck driver. She's perfect.

THANK YOU to Collin Smith for taking these amazing pictures in the hospital on Friday before we went home. and He is terrific, creative, fun and a dear friend. Thanks Collin!

~Evelyn Edwards~
An angel The proudest, most tender, big-hearted sister.Making sure Mommy gets enough love.
My Mom arrived on Wednesday when I went into the hospital. I HONESTLY don't know what I would do without her help, support, love and encouragement. She is staying through Friday. I am going to cry my eyes out when she leaves. I wish she lived here.
It doesn't get any better than this.
Our family has grown by 20 inches!

She's TINY!

Snuggling with Tiny Baby Love in the hospital
She's already stolen his heart!!

All of a sudden Carlisle's little hands look so much bigger!
We had piles of beautiful friends stop by the hospital with gifts, flowers and yummy delicious treats. Victoria brought KRISPY KREME and Starbucks...the best kind...Caramel Machiatto-over ice! Yum! I love my precious friends and family who came to visit!
Thank y'all for making room 220 the total party palace!
Perfect for our Princess Evelyn.

We were SO glad that Uncle Andy, Maleah and Aunt Lara came to visit on Thursday.Mom had Edible Arrangements send us a yummy surprise to the house.
Juicy fruit in Carlisle's favorite animal! The duck! Scrumptious.


Stephanie said...

my favorite blog of yours of all time.

Andrea said...

Little Evelyn is just gorgeous!! I love the black and white shots your friend took. What a wonderfully blessed family you have!!

Chris and Anna said...

Congratulations!!! Evelyn is beautiful. What a blessing...God is good! It makes me want another one...
We love you!

Eric & Stephanie said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! WE are excited to see you guys too!!!! Miss you!!!

Belinda and Kayla said...

She is SO beautiful Jennie and Brian! I see alot of resemblance to Carlisle in Evelyn's face, esp with her lips pursed. Miss you bunches, Jennie, but am so glad everything went well.

I figured you'd be inundated at the hospital with visitors, so I'll call and stop by the house one day.

Love ya'll bunches!

leah medina said...

Those pictures are amazing and sweet! they are so beautiful i'm all watery eyed. ok can we talk about your hot legs.