Monday, September 24, 2007

These are WELL-LOVED Little Girls!

In the last 10 days...
our home has become a haven for friends and family seeking
a yummy smelling, precious, little, sleepy-girl to snuggle....
and an exhuberant, really beautiful, book devouring, gabbing toddler!
Mom was here for a week and a half. During that time, we strolled baby Evelyn at the fitness center, visited the park during the "cold snap" (80 degrees), went to Storytime at the Library, had dinner out, and loads of delicious dinners in. Mom left Friday and Brian's Mom came! Brian and I went on a hot date. Little tricky though, because we were so sleepy that we were home by 10:00pm! We have another date scheduled for this weekend, hopefully we will be able to stay out long enough to do dinner AND a movie!
Dad and Pattie came last weekend and this weekend. Uncle "Icky" and Aunt Ya Ya brought Myers to meet the little Babe on Sunday. It has been WONDERFUL. Thank you also to the cool cats that have dropped by with amazing gifts and love for our girly family!
~ Evelyn ~
12 days old!
Look at those lips!
~ Carlisle ~
Almost 20 months!
A slice of heaven.
Thank you SO much Phyllis Griesch for the gorgeous blanket!
We tried it out last night, Evelyn loved it and right after this picture was taken,
closed her eyes and fell asleep!
Dancing with "Punkin" on the back deck to the oldies!

Carlisle hanging with her big-buddy Beau-Beau. She constantly wants to go
on Beau-Beau rides where she literally rides on his back.
They both think it's hilarious.
She also enjoys doing this. She climbs on his back
while he is seated. Notice they are both smiling!
More fun with "Punkin" aka "Grandpa Gar"
and the neighborhood ducks.
Showing off her bread.
One of the many family dinners on the deck.

Mom's amazing help last week.
Cousin Myers receives a Welcome-to-our-home-kiss!!
Fun in the sun, at the open lot, at the end of our street.

She has just noticed her shadow.Delaney, we love you! Thanks for visiting Team Zybko!

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