Thursday, October 25, 2007

Evelyn's First Shower!

Wow! Total delight!
Carlisle was THRILLED to share her shower with "Baby Sister"!
(Who puts their 6-week old in the shower anyway?!)
Mom, it was so that we could make it to Storytime on time.
(Which for the record I didn't. Only 20 minutes late.)She decides the proper way to make Evelyn feel comfortable was to splash her a lot!
Sweet Evelyn actually loved (most of) it!
Not sure what she did to irritate Evelyn...oh, other than get in the tiny bathtub with her!
Can you tell she feels guilty?!?


Eric & Stephanie said...

Too Funny!!! Can't wait to see you TOMORROW!!!!!

Julie and Luke said...

I can't figure out who is fatter, Carlisle or Evelyn....those pictures are just wonderful!

Courtney said...

so, really, do you carry your camera with you EVERYWHERE??

Heidi said...

This is the best part about having two kids--seeing them interact with each other. Fun!

leah medina said...

those pictures totally made me smile :)