Thursday, November 15, 2007

Julie and Luke's Swanky Baby Shower

The tummy on the mommy-to-be!
Julie and her fabulous hot fan club.
We painted onesies for Julie and Luke's baby boy.
They rock...

Two of the hostesses.
I love you so much KiKi. Thanks for zipping in to be part of such a special day.
Can't wait to see you again soon. Truly the hostesses with the Mostess! (You know that's right girl!)

Grandpa Gar woke her UP!!! Of course, no complaints from her, she loved the party!
Julie received the most fun boy gifts! She loved it! One of her favorite items, the camo diaper bag. WAY CUTE.
Can a Mama of two girls carry that? I love it too!


Stephanie said...

Cute, Cute! So wish I had been there.
You are slacking with the blogs, blog-queen.

Brandi said...

I agree on the slackness, Mama-Love.
I LOVE the idea on paintting the onesies. (I would)