Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Small delay! The Edwards family camera is on a boat in Santee!

Brian went fishing yesterday with his dad....had an amazing time, caught fish and we ate them last night. UNBELIEVABLY good. Come over for dinner and request the Stripper. (which I have heard is actually spelled Striper. In other words, please don't come over and ask for a Stripper.) He is a gourmet fish chef. The camera was tucked away in the boat cabinet. Hoping to get it back soon. I feel like I am missing one of the girls not having it here. Check back in a few days. Hope to have it by the weekend.
Here's some pics to enjoy in the meantime. Carlisle and Brian's FIRST Chuckie Cheese experience!


Eric & Stephanie said... may be having a lot of visitors is you are offering a "stripper"!!!

Eric & Stephanie said...

You make me laugh =)

Courtney said...

fun times with daddy and daughter...hope your camera's back in your possession soon.

The Severances said...

she is so adorable!!!