Monday, January 07, 2008

A childs laughter is good for the soul

I couldn't resist capturing these giggles and smiles.
I really wish y'all
(MeMe, YaYa, PaPa, Icky, Punkin, LeLe, Ju-Ju, Uke, Andy and Lara)
lived here.
It really is the best days of our lives....
Can you believe Evelyn is just about 4 months old??!?!
A hug for her sister.
Looks innocent...and I thought it was... for a minute.
That is, until she said "Hebby! (Heavy!) Carlisle ride in the swing?"


Eric & Stephanie said...

LOVE the dress!!! LeLe did good =)

Who is Punkin?

sage said...

you are such a photographer! seriously! amazing work! got your fun comments - the curds weren't bad. probably would taste even better...not preggy. your the blog boss!

Susan said...

So sweet & I love the pic of carlisle in the swing! Hilarious!

Uncle Andy said...

I come back to these pix every so often just for a grin or two! That is SOOO much fun. I can't wait until Maleah has a little sister who she can try to swing on!! :-)
Good to see you a few days ago. Sorry it had to be so short. Please tell Carlisle that Uncle Andy isn't REALLY that scary! :-)