Sunday, January 06, 2008

They caught THE BIG ONE

Brian has fished all his life.

All different types of fish.....thousands in numbers.
But a BIG Largemouth Bass has eluded him.
He just told me this is the most excited he's ever been about a fish. (Second to the catfish he caught with his Dad when he was 11 years old).
Of course, his fishing partner, Carlisle, was right in the middle of it all.
The two of them went out this evening for "just a few minutes".
He had thrown the cast net standing in our backyard, and caught shad for bait. Off they went in the boat. Not 5 minutes into their adventure, Brian puts out a couple of lines, including Carlisle's BARBIE Fishing Pole. And he hooks THE BIG ONE. Not on Carlisle's Barbie Pole, but he hooks the big one, and he knew it. He had to coerce Carlisle to hold on to a seat while he concentrated on catching the fish. 10 minutes later......the biggest Largemouth bass he has ever caught, and Carlisle was his first mate! As soon as he netted the bass, he threw it in the bottom of the boat. Carlisle started crying and said "pook (put) him back in the water Daddy....pook him back!!!". She said it over and over, so to appease her, he used the anchor rope to tie him to the boat and made it look, to the almost 2-yr-old that he was swimming off.
Tonight over dinner Brian asked Carlisle if she named her fish, she said, yes.
Both Brian and Carlisle had eyes the size of saucers. They were SO excited.

Some of her expressions were priceless.

Who has the bigger belly?


Collin, Aron, Makgill, and Clara Beth said...

WOW! Congrats, Brian! Carlisle's faces are PERFECT! Great pictures!

Julie and Luke said...

THAT IS THE BEST BLOG EVER!!!! Carlisle looks petrified! And Evelyn...well,... she just looks plump.

Eric & Stephanie said...

He's a nice one, but no comparison to Woollie =)

Stephanie said...

The picture of Evelyn is so funny.
YUCK ABOUT THE FISH. I hope Carlisle likes them more than I do so she can continue to be her daddy's best mate!
Fun. Brian needs to take my boys fishing!!!

Abby said...

This is our favorite blog ever!! The pictures are priceless. I love Carlisles face and Evelyn and the fish laying next to each other is great!!

Julie, Robert and Luke said...

Fantastic! Love it! This will be greatest fish tale ever told!

Emily and Ryan said...

I'm so glad that you posted pictures of this fish. He is huge. I think Ryan was jealous of this catch.

amyop said...

This is my favorite post yet! I laughed till tears came to my eyes! I had fun today at lunch and look forward to the next one! Love ya AmyP

leah said...

Those pics are the best. That is some fish! Love the fish beside Evelyn...too funny!

Heidi said...

Jason is VERY impressed!