Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our audience!

Josie, Evelyn and Leah I am teaching aerobics at the church once a week.
The class is so sweaty-fun and we are rockin to crazy-cool christian music. The participants are mostly new Mama's. So some of the children go to the nursery....but the little ones stay with us in the Fellowship Hall. We prop them up in their carseats and they watch us workout.
Which is so fun because:

1) Evelyn laughs at us the whole time
2) Leah spits out her pacifier every few songs, and me, her Mom, or another Mama quick sticks it back in between lunges, kicks or jacks!

3) Josie lays there contentedly knowing that all is well in the world...then takes a big juicy nap!

This is MOTHERHOOD. And, I love it.

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