Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our weekend in Charleston

The aquarium on Saturday was the only thing I took pictures of...which is sad because there were DOZENS of really beautiful cousins-having-fun-times-together all weekend long.

Ya Ya. She is an incredible aunt, the girls LOVE her. Le Le, we always have fun with you!
Le Le even shared her sunglasses with "Ev".

(Have I mentioned that Carlisle calls her this sometimes?)

The eel was yucko. Sorry eel lovers.

Carlisle looked at him and heartily laughed and trudged off (you know how she walks) and said...."Huh-huh...he's coughing".

This to me is funny. 1) eels look like they are hissing underwater, or 2) doing something that looks like they want to bite you.

Just like her Daddy. He would have stood there all day beside her looking at the water talking about fish.

Sweet Myers loved the fish and the birds.

Myers found the water...

Someone else wanted to feel it too...

My sweet little one.
And my sweet big one. They REALLY loved the aligator

He WAS cute!
I had fun with you guys. And I love you!

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