Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The four of us have gotten THE FUNK in the last week.
Me and Evelyn first, now Brian and Carlisle.
runny nose
meaty-hearty cough

But the 4 of us are together so it is actually so fun. Of course, I feel better, so it's fun for me. Brian, Evelyn and Carlisle probably don't think it's as fun. (CONFIRMED. Brian just read this and he says he is officially NOT having as much fun as me). But Carlisle is enjoying hanging out/laying in the bed, on the sofa and watching piles of Veggie Tales with her Daddy.

I'm off to watch a movie with Brian now...

These next pictures are of Carlisle in the weeeeee hours of the morning. She took an "afternoon nap" for... 8 hours. So I went in to check on her at 1:00am and she was awake. She said she wanted food. She ate a gargantuan amount of cantelope.

Poor baby.

Her fever made her little cheeks pink.

(Which is why I grabbed the camera. She was so tender, loving and precious sitting there. She was also totally confused why everyone was sleeping. She doesn't wake up in the night anymore. Maybe she thinks we don't sleep. Ha. Maybe she's right. When she goes to bed at 8:00, we're awake and when she wakes up at 8:00, we're awake.)

Good to the last drop. There was only 1 dose left in this one. I had her drink out of the bottle. Now she wants to do it that way everytime instead of out of the dropper.


Stephanie said...

LOVED this post!!

sage said...

poooooooooooor you!! I'm so glad you are better -whem mama's good - all are good, even if under the weather. :) those pictures were adorable of carlisle with those rosy cheeks :)

Collin, Aron, Makgill, and Clara Beth said...

Sorry y'all are feeling so bad, but she sure does look CUTE!!!

Justin and Marketa said...

Cute posts and poor Edwards family. Gotta love those pink fingernails to match that WONDERFUL pink medicine. I used to love the taste of that when I was young. I know the Edwards family will be back to new in a matter of days.

Chris, Anna & Ava said...

I am so sorry everyone is sick! The "Funk" must be everywhere...Columbia is full of "stuffy heads". Hang in there and keep, doing what your doing, enjoying the family time. Carlisle is already a sweet cheeks, but that picture is ADORABLE!