Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Going private tomorrow!

I love you guys!
I have gotten tons of crazy-fun emails from everyone that wants to be included in our blog once we go private. I am just working on entering in all of the email addresses...there are SO many!

Please quick send me an email, (if you haven't already) if you want to be included or know someone that does. jennieandbrian@sc.rr.com

Tam Tam! Travel safe to CA. We ALL miss you already!


Laurie said...

I am friends with Laura Platt and know The Warner Family who I believe is friends with your sister. Anyways, that's how I got to your blog and I must admit, I love reading it! Your family is just too cute! I would love to keep up with your blog if you will include me. My email is lucyschulte@hotmail.com

Have a wonderful day!

According to Kiki! said...

It was so great to catch up with you for a few minutes yesterday. I'm happy you are going private. I love you tons Jennie!!!!!!