Wednesday, March 05, 2008

You know you are good friends when...

Two of my Favorites came over for a MARATHON playdate with their babers!
You KNOW you are good friends when...
1. One of your friends says, "Hey me and the kids are coming over to play at your house!"....
2. The other girlfriend says, "I am running to pick up a big pizza for the kids...AND Starbucks for us!"

We had all just had a sweaty fun workout at the gym. We came in, slathered on some sunscreen and pulled all the fun cars, trampoline, and toys OUTSIDE on the deck.
The weather on the lake was scrumptious. Great breeze, SUNSHINE. Notice the AIR that Drexel is getting.
The only moment all afternoon that Drex was still.
Carlisle and sweet Delaney or as Carlisle says, "Dewaney"
have a girl bonding moment on the trampoline.
Dawson was so fun!!
To fully appreciate Evelyn, you must closely look at her thighs....
Delilah is thinking..."If one of those feet get close enough, I'm gonna chew on a toe."
On the other end of Evie's gaze...
Feeling some love from Leah
Then we needed a change of pace, so upstairs to the playroom.
And since they hadn't bounced enough on the trampline, (ha) we blew up the BOUNCE CASTLE. Danger danger. No one died. But lots of juicy girl tears and only a few bruises.

This picture was right after Evie sang us an American Idol solo.
She thinks she is one of the big kids. She gets completely tackled with kisses and hugs and laughs through it.
Thanks, you cool Mom's, for hanging out with us. Can't WAIT for the next time.
We were honored to celebrate it with you.
Carlisle and I love your socks off!

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