Friday, April 04, 2008


November 2003

We had just moved from Atlanta to Dillon the month before. Brian promised me A kitten for my birthday. We went to the Humaine Society. In the cage were these TWO cute, needy, darling, sick, dirty kitties. Brian was holding the white one, I was holding the black one. He smiled and said, "OK, which one do you want?!?!" My heart broke, I almost cried. I said, "Both". He thought for a few seconds....and said. "OK".

We came home with both of them. BEST decision ever. They bonded, clung to each other and taught each other how to be kitties...the little white one had hiney-hygene problems which the little black one would care for. Brian had real issue with this, I told him it was normal and that our kitties were not gay.

Now the black one UFC body slams the white one, which Brian loves.

Our "BABIES"!!!!
He's going to kill me for this.
Brian had just started his agency, was working 16 hour days and was so tired.
Brand new baby kitties are too...
Our new little family made me SO happy.Julie and RockyNot sure if you can see his pot-belly.
Buddy aka CHUBS

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