Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just Marvelous

I love Kristi, I love Kristi, I love Kristi...

I adore her.
Kristi is my best and favorite friend from my experience at the College of Charleston. We were in Alpha Delta Pi together.

She is so cool, so gorgeous, so the entrepreneur, so amazing, so the get-it-all-done Mom, so the awesome DENTIST, so adorable... I LOVE when she comes to visit. Actually, I just LOVE being around her.

They live in TN.
I haven't seen her in forever.
Here is us at her last visit to Florence - Nov 2006
Wow, look how things have changed!

She and Daniel and their 2 little girls had not been in our home for 10 seconds

when I blerted out...
"I just can't believe you don't live here".
I continued to say it all weekend long.
It hurts my feelings soooooo bad that she doesn't live right across the street...
like we did in college, in Charleston.

What does a weekend with FULL ON little girls look like?

Fun at the Mexican restaurant
Pink and green lifejackets while fishing with Daddy
Splish Splash bath mess
Lots of princess books
Ballet on the trampoline
Excitement in the baby pod
Daddy/Daughter time

3 year old Vivian

8 month old Sophia

Can't wait to see you end of May/1st of June!

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Jord, Ali, Halle and Belle said...

adorable. i LOVE the baby pod..where did you get that???