Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Princess and THE DRAGON

Disney Princesses on IceCarlisle and I met Punkin and Pattie in Columbia for the show.
Whoa. Total girlville wildness.
And of course, we were right in the middle of all the fun.Sweet Ev thought the show was terrific. Although it was WELL past her bedtime...
She's taking a bottle SO WELL NOW!!! Carlisle was overjoyed to see Mickey and Minnie. Had I thought to do it, I would have taken a picture of her sweet delighted face when these two came out.
She clapped, wiggled, sang, danced, smiled, laughed, giggled and shook the entire show.Evie liked the show too...just not as much as Carlisle.All was going GREAT until HE showed up. THE DRAGON. Why they felt the need to put a humungous dragon in a princess show, I don't know.
Wish I could have known what a big deal the dragon was going to play in her Disney Princesses on Ice experience. I would have DEFINITELY gotten a picture!
So the dragon leaves, and the princesses continue dancing, twirling etc.
She looks at me and VERY SERIOUSLY asks,
"Where's the dragon?"
I explain, "He's gone." (Trying to get her mind off of it)
She says about 34 seconds later, "Where's the dragon?"
I say, "He's gone."
This happens 10 times.
We talk about the fact that the dragon is not real.
Which did NOT work AT ALL considering he was in fact VERY real
and VERY right there on the ice.
So finally, I say, "Mommy popped the dragons bottom"
(she smiles)
"And he's in time-out".
(more smiles)
The real kicker...she wanted to be sure this dragon got what was coming to him.
She says, "And Daddy popped his bottom?"
I nod yes.
"And CARLISLE popped his bottom?"
I nod yes.
We had THAT EXACT conversation no less than 300 times on the drive home last night.

MY princess, Jammy Jams on, ready to drive home.


Courtney said...

Looks like it was a blast...scary dragon and all. Way to make a potentially precarious situation a humerous one for Carlisle, creative Mommy that you are!!!

The Severances said...

I wish I could have known the thoughts going on in her little head as she watched Mickey and Minnie...and then the dragon. Yes, you are right--those characters are the real deal to them!
p.s. - I couldn't sleep on thurs. night and then i had this thought: 'oh good, tomorrow is flashback friday for jennie!' I missed it this week!

Claudiasmom said...

We had the same reaction to the dragon! He was pretty scary! Glad you all enjoyed the show otherwise. Miss seeing you!

According to Kiki! said...

Your girls are so adorable. I just love the last picture of Carlisle in her PJ's... priceless.
I think she looks like you in that picture. Love you honey girl!