Friday, June 13, 2008

Memorial Day - Part 2

So Memorial Day we were at Brian's parents house. Hanging out with my sister, Luke and their little one Foster, and Brian's sister, Eric and their little one Myers.
It was a dream having everyone together. 6 adults 4 kids.
We still outnumber them.
Evie and I have a mutual love affair. We constantly kiss on the mouth.
For example...

But she doesn't have it quite down pat yet.

Yes, that was my nose.

The backyard.

Myers loves the beach.
He is so quick...toddling around... and SO cute.
This little girl loves being at her grandparents house.
We go on "ALLIGATOR HUNTS". Which entails convencing everyone to hop on the golf cart and cruise the neighborhood looking for alligators.
Max alligators counted in one trip = 21
We had so many children piled in the golf cart, people laughed at us. Or maybe smiled at us, but it was NUTS.
WE were laughing.
Brian, Luke and Eric had just finished up a round of golf.
As they were driving home, they found us driving the golf cart down the road. I know they laughed at us.
Keep in mind, me, Julie and Evie are missing from this picture.
Foster had SUCH a fun time being entertained by all the babes.
My sandy, sandy Evie. She LOVE-LOVED playing in the sand.
She was so gritty.
I found sand in her fat and crevaces for days.

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Eric & Stephanie said...

YEAH!!!! Those are fun!!!