Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Family Time

Brian's tiny, blond sidekick.
I think she adores him as much as I do.
Almost.Big Pupper can't help but retrieve a tennis ball.
Brian kept saying to him,
"Ok Pal, just one more."
Poor Beau Beau was heaving and hoeing.
I think he aspirated half the lake because he was smiling as he was swimming
and getting water in his mouth.
Can you tell he's smiling?Little Ev scurries over to get in on the action!
Running, laughing, dancing, spinning...

Me and MY little sidekick!


Justin and Marketa said...

You have to love Evelyn's gorgeous blue eyes. I can't believe how long Carlisle's hair is....Happy 4th!

Andrea said...

Carlisle and Evelyn are just gorgeous! Nothing beats having 2 sweet girls, does it?