Sunday, July 06, 2008

Nothin could be Finer than a 4th Parade in Carolina!!

Up early for the DeBordieu Golf Cart parade.
Last year we were spectators, this year, we were in it!
We decorated the brand new, red, speedy golf cart.The golf cart parades littlest fan!
(Evie was at home. She slept 3 hours, all the way through the whole thing)

It's 9:30am, we are waiting for the parade to begin....
Water ballons -- check
Red, white & blue dress on -- check
Camera ready -- check
Daddy -- check
Mommy -- check
Lipgloss??....Lipgloss!!!....Ok, now we are ready....
(That was all her idea. I had absolutely nothing to do with it.
She is so funny.)
Water fights started before the first cart rolled out.
These guys were ready to brawl.

More water fights in the streets before the parade began. These people are so fun, because they are so seriously prepared with water amunition, water guns, baby pools full of water, on and on. They are so creative!

Cute Myers jumped on the cart moments before the parade started!
This is tradition from now until forever, that our families have to do this together! These old dudes were 65+. KIDS AT HEART.
Out by their big zillon dollar house
sabotasing and squirting carts with water.
I LOVE them.
Cooling down with a snowcone. A parade AND a pony ride.
CARLISLE HEAVEN. (and Mommy & Daddy heaven too!)


Brandi said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!! How fun!

Eric & Stephanie said...

I wanna go back!!!

Jord, Ali, Halle and Belle said...

That looks so stinking FUN!!!!

Courtney said...

ok, we may have to try that out next year...looks incredibly fun and exhausting and happy!

Kala said...

Thanks for letting me in on your blog!! We had such a great time w/you guys this past weekend -- Your kids are adorable ... perhaps next time we come we can see them in person too !! Take care --

Courtney said...

i was looking back at your post and the picture where carlisle is standing by herself in front of the golfcart...I got a picture in my mind of her when she is about 6 years old...made me sad and happy simultaneously. She's so beautiful!!