Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ashlyn's baptism

Bri and I get up Sunday morning and
throw our two girls in the car and drive to Columbia.
When we arrive, the girls look like two little monkeys. Still in their jammies. Hair crazy. So, we pull into the church parking lot and there is Luke, Julie, Mom just getting out of their car.
So glad!
I don't know if I even said Hello.
Just, "Help me get the girls ready!"
We have (maybe) 1 minute 30 seconds to get them dressed and make it in time to see Ashlyn get baptized.
Both Julie and Mom jump right in helping, dressing, diaper change, etc. It was mayhem. Tossing dresses across the car, brushing tangles, a few tears, matching up shoes...
A few zaney minutes and everyone is ready.
We are walking up to the church and I hear Brian laughingly say, under his breath to Julie, "If you'd only been 5 minutes early, you'd have missed that fiasco."
Old Fashioned look. LOVE THIS.
These are my mom and dad's 5 grandchildren. All 2 & under.
Maleah(2), Ashlyn(4mo), Carlisle(2), Evelyn(1), Foster(10mo)
First time in history.
Not only were all FIVE grandchildren sitting,
they were all happy,
no one was crying.
All were participating.
No one was running off.
Only if...
Only if I had a picture of the 4 grandparents and 6 parents and the complete MAYHEM that was happening to make these pumpkins all look in the same direction.
One word.
(ok 2 words)
The oldest grandbaby and the youngest.

My brother, sister and I are the ones all in a row.


Stephanie said...

Loved seeing everybody. What a sweet time! I know your mom and dad must LOVE the pictures of them all together.
My favorite picture is the one of Julie and Carlisle.
Too cute.

Aliciaq said...

I love Foster's quizzical look, "How did I end up with all these girls??" What an amazing picture!!! Evelyn's lil' mouth is precious!!