Monday, October 13, 2008

Pottie Humor

Carlisle is totally pottie trained.
Um, ok, not TOTALLY. When she's awake, she's great.
But when she sleeps, everytime she sleeps, she wears a (princess) pullup.

Can two-year-olds sleep through nap-time and the night without a pullup on?
Mine . . . doesn't.

Honestly not sure if she will EVER sleep through the night without one.
How does that actually happen? Can she really hold her bladder for 12 hours?!?!
Yesterday, she woke up from her nap and her pullup was DRY! Whoa!
So, I quickly put her on the pottie.

And, she exclaimed "I AM POTTIE TRAINED!"
As if it had just occured to her that this is how it all works.
I love her.

**If you have any advice to me, for helping her stay dry while sleeping, help!**

Second thing.
Same day.
She has to go pottie.
So she sits down on the pottie.
To go poopie.
I come back.



charlie&gracie said...

okay, first off, the toe painting on the potty is HYSTERICAL!! love her!

here are my two night training tips.... first keep her in her panties and put the pull up over them. If/when she pees, she will feel the wet panties, but you will not have to change the sheets.

second, when you go to bed, take her dead asleep little body and sit her on the potty. chances are she will tinkle, not even wake up and never remember it in the morning, but wake up dry. This has worked for us and numerous of our friends!


Brandi said...

What? you don't polish your nails while on the pot? ;~)

Alicia said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I think I see a popular new time saving technique!!

Rebecca said...

LOVE the toe painting on the potty- absolutely HILARIOUS!!

gillian said...

I can't wait to have my little girl! That is too precious, painting her toes on the pottie!

I agree with the first comment about when you go to bed, take her dead asleep little body and sit her on the potty...that always worked for us and he never woke up. I've heard the pull-up over the panties works well too.

Also limit her beverages before she goes to bed, like 2 hours before she goes to sleep..I know that can be hard especially if she goes down shortly after dinner.

carron said...

omg jennie that is so cute! and so is she!

carron said...

now that is tooo cute!