Saturday, October 11, 2008


We went to the pumpkin patch to select and cut pumpkins off the vine with our girls. It is either so incredibly, dynamically, silly-fun . . . OR, I don't get out much. (I really don't think that's it!) It was great! Not sure if Brian thought it was incredibly, dynamically, silly-fun, or just fun. (I'll ask him.)
Happy sister times.

OK maybe not all were happy times.

Me: Carlisle which tractor do you want to ride?
The red one or the green one?
Carlisle: Umm . . . . the pink one.
Me & Bri: hahahahahahahaha!

Crazy love. My cup runneth over.

THIS baby face is completely edible.
Waiting for the hayride out to the fields of pumpkins.

Look of determination . . .
Eyebrows knitted, like her Daddy.
She did it!
"Enough of this hardwork.
I need a snack.
I'm just going to munch on this dirt."
"And maybe take a look at these pumpkin leaves."

Carlisle wanted to walk back instead of riding the wagon...

And finally, the ride home . . . .


charlie&gracie said...

jennie you are becoming an amazing photographer! please come and capture our life and make it as pretty as yours through the lens.... granted you have beautiful subjects to capture!! the pumpkin patch looks super fun!!

Stephanie & Eric Horecky said...

My child is so deprived!!! I have got to take him to a pumpkin patch this year!!! Your pictures are GREAT!!!

The Ginfridas said...

It looks like an amazing time with such a loving family! Don't you love October? Can't wait to see the creations made with the pumpkins.

Alicia said...

Jen, I just loved these!!! So much fun! It sure beats buyin' 'em at Walmart, like I did :0)

Andrea said...

Precious girls!!! Evie looks almost identical to Carlisle!

Anonymous said...