Tuesday, November 04, 2008

14 things you may not know. . .

(Carlisle realizes, it is fun to turn the blower on your family!)
14. I never wanted children.
13. I was a competitive swimmer.
12. I have been a bridesmaid 13 times.
11. I LIKE change.
10. It was my idea to get 1 kitten five years ago, Brian's idea to make it 2.
9. Brian and I lived in a hotel in Atlanta (all expenses paid) for 4 months.
8. I LOVE clean, out of the dryer, soft, white sheets.
7. I danced infront of 30,000 people when I was a teenager.
6. I like coffee, even if it's cold, and water, even if it's hot.
5. I didn't have a car until I was 22.
4. EVERYday, I make up my bed.
3. When I was a lifeguard, I rescued someone.
2. To me, inspiring and extraordinary people are the coolest to be around.
1. Brian has mistaken me for my twin sister before.


Aron said...

I completely thought you were going to announce you are pregnant in this post!!!

LOVED all of the Disney pics!

Grangers said...

I was on the edge expecting the same thing!!! #1 is really funny:)

Alicia said...

This is TOO FUN! YOU are inspiring and extrordinary! I never heard the story when you rescued someone?!?!!

gillian said...

Very cool post! I don't know much about you but was suprised by #14, shocked by #12, #9 is AWESOME!, #1 is hilarious and kindof scary...did y'all switch boyfriends or classes when you were teenagers?

Justin and Marketa said...

Way cool!!! Thanks for sharing.

Bryce and Lisa said...

Hey Julie, I met you and your sister once when you were in Knoxville visiting Steph. I love looking at your blog and it is so great seeing 2 people that really love each other and adore their children. Your babies are dolls !! Your Blessed !!

Anonymous said...