Sunday, November 02, 2008

I didn't fall off the blog-wagon....

We took Carlisle back to Disney! Brian's company gave him another trip to Disney. But one major change from the Disney trip this summer, we didn't take the baby. All I can remember of Evie being at Disney, was her being hot and sweaty. And her being crazy-tired. So Brian made the tough, but super-smart decision to leave her behind with his parents. State Farm always does first class receptions. This was the first night we arrived in FL.
This one was amazing. Huge band, amazing food (like enormous shrimp...enormous), face painters, characters, balloon guys, so exciting for my Carlisle.

We had no idea who this was. But Carlisle was thrilled to meet him!
Who is this?The lineup.
Carlisle calls these next cool characters "my friends".
"My friends and I had so much fun"...
"My friends and I are going to eat lunch"...etc.

The Animal Kingdom was great.
She adores animals,
and all things reptilian.
So the alligators, crocodiles and even this dead one below makes her so happy.

With how easy having just Carlisle was.
No way to explain it.
AND, I am not saying that one is EASY.
Just that we had a really happy go lucky girl on our hands this week.


Her favorite bench. An alligator.

Her prince.
And mine too.

We went to the Magic Kingdom on Halloween.
No she didn't trick-or-treat on Halloween,
but she did dress up.
Yes, I know this deprived girl
will have to go to counseling because of it when she's 29.
True story.
She kept reminding us that her name was Dorothy (Dorfee),
not Carlisle (Carwile).

She was tall enough to ride Goofy's rollercoaster!
Her FIRST rollercoaster!
Maybe feeling a little unsure of what is to lie ahead....
She pretended to be asleep. I think this is like the oppossum.
Aren't they the animal that play dead? This was her strategy.
If I play dead/asleep, I won't have to SAY I don't want to ride the rollercoaster.
After the ride, she thought it was, (in her words)
She was a total champ.
Although there were children everywhere with costumes on,
she got lots of attention for her Dorothy outfit.
She reservedly loved the attention.

MGM StudiosCharacter Lunch. She loved it.

Sorry to end abruptly, I am so tired. I'll add more later!


Stephanie and Eric Horecky said...

Maybe that blue guy is from "A Bugs Life"??? I think that is the name of it!!! We have the movie, so I'll check it out! Dorothy was PRECIOUS!

gillian said...

I was thinking A Bugs Life too...and she's the prettiest Dorothy ever!

Lynn said...

The blue guy is FLICK from "A Bugs Life". I'm glad you guys had a great time. I know Evie enjoyed her grandparents. We got to see her once. She is so adorable & sweet.

Anonymous said...

I bet yall hade a great time and she is adorable.

Justin and Marketa said...

Oh wow, we got back from Disney the weekend before you guys went. We just went for the weekend but we had so much fun at MGM, we are definitely planning a longer trip soon.

Anonymous said...


amyop said...

I am so glad you guys had a great time! She is such a BEAUTY!!!!