Thursday, November 13, 2008

Glasses no more.
In the second grade, I remember not being able to understand what the teacher was talking about. She would refer to things, and my sister Julie and I just didn't get it. After getting in trouble for not being alert, not listening and not paying attention. It came to my parents attention that perhaps the problem was something other than discipline issues. Both Julie and I got glasses in the second grade. Immediately it fixed our issues at school.
7 years later, we both got contacts. It was the summer before 9th grade, and I have worn them EVER SINCE. Much to my complete and utter joy, I am having LASIK surgery tomorrow! A week ago, I removed my contacts for the last time! Today I drove down to Charleston for the consultation. After 2 hours of testing, they confirmed that I am a candidate for the surgery. So in the morning, I will roll down to Charleston again and have a laser beam somehow miraculously transform my eye and then I will be able to see forever. It is like hocus-pokus. I am taking my camera in and see if the Doctor will take a picture of me with my eyelids pulled apart.
Today they dilated my eyes for some of the tests. You probably know, I did not, that when you are dilated, you can see far, but not up close. So I was able to drive, but couldn't see my phone at all. I felt like my Mom and Dad, who are always saying I can't see that, and then they pull the object to the furthest distance from their face. Well, I wanted to text Brian's sister to let her know that I was on the way to pick up Evelyn. But I totally COULDN'T SEE. So, I typed what I thought said: "I am on my way." And for verification asked the Doctor if I had typed it right.
She laughed heartily, thinking she doesn't get asked to read texts by patients much.

Bri is overjoyed to be playing hookey tomorrow.
Yes, there will be three unmade beds.
No, he will not bathe them.
Yes, they will have the time of their lives.
No, their clothes and socks won't match.
Yes, they will remember their growing up years with fondness.
No, they won't notice I'm gone.


gillian said...

Praying all goes well!

Rebecca said...

hope it went well!!! soo excited for you!!! and thanks again for last night- it was truly special!!

Claudiasmom said...

Hope all went well!! I am too chicken to have the surgery.

Alicia said...

Oh!! Isn't it a miracle??!?! I still don't take my perfect eye sight for granted! After over a year, I still think about how nice it is not to have to mess with contacts any more!!!

Megan N. Walkup said...

Yay for new eyes! You get to see all of God's beautiful creation with new site. What an awesome thing to be able to experience!