Sunday, December 14, 2008

I seriously think we should put this short 8 second video in the running for

Americas Funniest Home Videos.

To know Evelyn is, TO LOVE EVELYN.

Maybe Brian and I just think it's funny because she is our daughter, or maybe it really IS funny.

What do you think?


amyop said...

Too cute I played it 5 times:) I love you and Brians laugh too! I love watching your girls grow up!

Julie and Luke said...

Foster, Luke and I ALL laughed at that crazy girl!

Chris, Anna and Ava said...

I watched this 7X's! It is HILLARIOUS!!!! You could totally win 10,000 dollars! SEND IT IN!!!! I love it!!!!

Brandi said...

Brian laugh is so funn!

Team Zybko said...

So cute and so funny.